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Fiestas Importantes

Fiestas and traditions Monterrey

The festivities and traditions Monterrey invite you to join their celebrations, among which the Commercial Agricultural and Livestock Fair, which takes place during the month of May. It will display and sell the products found in this area, a... Ver más

Fiestas and traditions Tepoztlan

The most important holidays and traditions Tepoztlan invite to witness the celebrations as ancient Tepozteco Challenge, an artistic representation of dance that takes place each September 8, symbolizing the conversion Allied Cuauhnáhuac lord... Ver más

Ensenada Hotels

Located 300 km southwest of Mexicali, and 113 km south of Tijuana, Ensenada stands as one of the destinations chosen by those tourists who seek calm and tranquil beaches, with a more than pleasant, with an average temperature not exceeding 21... Ver más